Elevate Your Guest Experience

Elevate Your Guest Experience

August 31, 2023

The Untapped Potential of Hotel Gyms

Elevating Guest Experience with Johnson Health Tech

Hello, hoteliers and fitness enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving deep into a topic that’s increasingly becoming a focal point in the hospitality industry: the significance of having a well-designed and equipped hotel gym.


The Changing Landscape of Consumer Habits

Gone are the days when a hotel gym meant a small, dimly lit room tucked away in a forgotten corner of the building, equipped with nothing more than a couple of treadmills and a set of dumbbells. 

Today’s travellers are more health-conscious than ever, and they’re seeking hotels that align with their wellness goals.

Recent field visits with our sales representatives have revealed an eye-opening trend: hotel gyms are often an afterthought or not even on the priority list for many establishments. This is a stark contrast to the growing demand from guests for quality fitness facilities.


Why a Quality Hotel Gym Matters


Guest Satisfaction

First and foremost, a well-equipped gym can significantly enhance guest satisfaction. People want to maintain their fitness routines even while travelling, and providing a state-of-the-art fitness centre can be a major selling point.

Competitive Edge

In an industry where every positive review counts, having a top-notch gym can set you apart from competitors. It’s an investment that not only adds value to your property but also attracts a specific, health-conscious demographic.

Revenue Generation

Believe it or not, a hotel gym can be a revenue generator. Offering fitness classes, personal training sessions, or even day passes for local residents can bring in additional income.


The Qantas Example: Wellness in Transit

Interestingly, the focus on wellness isn’t just limited to hotels. Qantas Airways is planning to debut the world’s first in-flight Wellbeing Zone aboard its A350 in 2025, according to a recent article. This initiative underscores the growing importance of health and wellness in the travel industry at large. If airlines are stepping up their game, shouldn’t hotels do the same?


Johnson Health Tech: A Partner in Elevating Hotel Fitness

This is where Johnson Health Tech (JHT) comes into play. Recognised as a global leader in fitness technology, JHT aims to assist the hospitality industry in elevating their guest’s fitness experience. How do they do this? By offering comprehensive planning services for establishing fitness centres and providing high-quality equipment that meets the needs of diverse users.


Case Studies: Marriott, Tsogo Sun, The Oyster Box

JHT’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in its partnerships with leading hospitality brands like Marriott, Tsogo Sun and The Oyster Box

These establishments have successfully integrated JHT’s state-of-the-art fitness equipment, ranging from cardio machines to strength training apparatus, thereby enhancing their guest experience manifold.


Planning and Customisation

One of the standout services offered by JHT is the planning and customisation of hotel gyms. 

Our team of experts works closely with hotel owners and managers to design a fitness centre that not only fits the available space but also aligns with the brand’s ethos and guest expectations.


Quality and Durability

JHT’s equipment, including their flagship Light commercial and commercial brands; Vision and Matrix, are designed for durability and performance. This ensures that hotel guests have access to reliable and effective workout options, thereby elevating the overall guest experience.


Key Takeaways for Hotel Owners

  • Invest in Quality Equipment: Opt for durable, versatile, and user-friendly equipment that caters to various fitness levels.
  • Space Matters: Design a spacious, well-lit, and inviting environment. The aesthetics of your gym can make a big difference in user experience.
  • Regular Upkeep: Maintenance is crucial. The best equipment is useless if it’s not in good working condition.
  • Offer Variety: From cardio and strength training to yoga and Pilates, offer a range of options to cater to different fitness preferences.
  • Staffing: Consider hiring certified trainers or staff to assist guests, ensuring they have a safe and effective workout.


The hospitality industry is evolving, and so are the expectations of hotel guests. Investing in a well-designed and equipped hotel gym is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. 

Partnering with industry leaders like Johnson Health Tech can significantly ease this transition, offering both planning expertise and top-of-the-line equipment.

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